Furry artist in law school. weird huh. Check out my art!

My art

These are some of my recent work!
These are divided in the stories or the particular themes these drawings fall under. Enjoy!

One Summer Too perfect

The story of Jacob gripping with the memories of a summer where he tries to settle a conflicting relationship, while trying to enjoy his company in the process, while it lasts.

Rose Petals

Drawings about the recent elections. This one kinda hurts to talk about. But its never too late to keep hoping.

Kaleidoscope Days

A stretch of my drawings from 2021 to early 2022 where I constantly broke my own drawing styles and experimented with different backgrounds. Short of saying: I was facing an identity crisis!

Go Find Yourself (Or Whatever)

A pilot looks for his wingman after he disappears mysteriously before he gets found by someone else.


Fig. 1 - Blaze Silverwolf

Hi! My name is Blaze. Pretty old enough, and an artist.I've been drawing for almost 10 years, and recently been in the groove of writing stories to go along with it. These stories can range from a college student trying to recover from losing everything to him, to a space man running out of time, even if he can control it. Stories that are sometimes born out of sleepless nights, or sometimes born out of the colors of the sunset.Or maybe even what I thought of going on a train. The stories are endless.So I hope you enjoy these stories, because everyone has a story to tell!Check out my art here!

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